Panorama was and is a magazine with all kind of information, hardly any comics in fact. But in the early days they did have a special comic attachment to the magazine; called Sjors. Later Sjors did go their own way and became a famous comic magazine in Holland and Belgium for years.

Prins Valiant did appear for the first time at the 25th of august 1938. Panorama did bought 132 plates from King Features and publish these ones till the 6th of March 1941. After that they were willing to buy more material, but the German occupying forces did not allow import of more US comic material (it was the second world war).

This publication of Prins Valiant is the oldest in Holland & Belgium. Below you can read the official introduction for the serie in the Sjors issue of 18th of Aug 1938.

Value around 10 Euro's for the early numbers.

Sjors 3-11-1938