Hai folks,  nice to see you here... and thnx for visiting my website... I hope you enjoy it.
For the some of the people who are wondering why I'm writing in english..sorry, but I'm sure there are some people outside belgian who are visiting this site..(perhaps the german fans overthere). 
I've been on the net for quiet a long time now.. and thought and was time that i was starting to create something of my own..
I'm not a computer expert, and it's the first time that I'm creating such thing, so if you have any tips or so.. please contact me !
But after all, this page is provided to tell a b it more about myself... well.. I am a male specimen, living in belgium, at about 20 km from antwerp city, in a small village, that's called Kessel.   Nothing spectacular there, so .. I can't say more about it..   I'm 27 years old..or young, I'm working as an accountant,  but love to have fun !!!!!!!!
If you want to find about my hobbies, check the part on the left side.. there are so many, so it's quiet interesting..  I hope !