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Spotting locations

Last update: 04-Oct-2006

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Where to spot at LBA?

The following spotting locations are available at LBA:

1. Terminal

Limited views are available from the cafeteria on the first floor of the terminal building. All aircraft landing or taking off are easily within binocular range. Arrival/Departure information monitors are provided in the cafeteria. However, only a limited portion of the ramp can be seen.

2. RWY 32

To get perfect landing shots for RWY 32, a little bit more work is needed. From the terminal turn left at the round-about, go through the tunnel, and continue to the traffic lights by the Yeadon Stoops pub/hotel. Turn left, and at the top of the hill turn onto some waste ground. Park here (unless you have a 4 x 4 vehicle) as it gets very rough and you may get stuck. Walk forward to the airport fence. You'll find good panoramic views of the airport from here. Turn right and follow the fence. It turns into a footpath between the airport and golf course. At the corner by the windsock the fence is low, and you are above the runway just abeam the touchdown point. Good footwear is essential as it often gets quite muddy here. For a Jetstream 41, a 200 mm lens will give you a close landing shot.

3. RWY 14

From the terminal go straight across at the roundabout and follow this road to a T junction. Turn left, follow the road under the approach into a cutting. Just as you rise out of the cutting, turn hard right onto the old road and park here (next to the cemetery). This is another good spot for photographs as you are slightly above the airfield looking down on the 14 threshold.

4. Eastern End

Aircraft parked at the eastern edge of the apron are difficult to identify. There is a Garden Centre nearby, from where you may be able to read off some of these aircraft. However, ground equipment and nose-in parking sometimes prevent a clear view.

To get to this location, turn right at the roundabout (signposted A658 Harrogate). Go past "Yeadon Airport Depot" on the right, Coney Park on the left (Heliport is just after entrance). At next crossroads turn right (signposted Cookridge). The road descends and just after right turn on left hand bend there is a pull-in on the right. This is the location from where you can see the aircraft on the east apron. If you pass Hightrees Garden Centre, you have just missed the pull in.

5. Horsforth Old Ball pub/Station Road

Parking available on roads around the roundabout and the pub car park too if you are visiting it. This pub is very close to the location of one of the runway marker beacons. From the terminal building turn left, then left at the roundabout and under the runway tunnel. At the traffic lights/crossroad turn left (Bayton Lane) and follow to the end. Turn left (Brownberrie Lane) and follow this to the roundabout at the end. The Old Ball is on the right and various parking available. The roundabout is pretty much right under the flight path and the planes are quite low here. A good spot if you like to count plane wheels while drinking! If you really want to get right under them, walk into the housing estate opposite the Old Ball.

6. The Royalty pub, Yorkgate, Otley Chevin

There is parking along this road and the pub has its own car park. The LBA runway is visible over the fields about 2 miles away. Planes taking off over Otley pass overhead or turn just beforehand. Gives a good view down the runway and the 'hump' (the runway is not flat) is clear. From the terminal turn left and then straight across the roundabout. Follow this road and turn right at the end. Follow to end (NB blind bend round a building) and turn left (towards Otley). Follow this road and take the next left (Yorkgate) which is just in some dips in the road. Follow this to the pub (on the left), parking in the car park if you are visiting the pub or at the side of the road just after. LBA is off to the left. This road was absolutely packed when Concorde first came.

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