How old are you on an other planet ?

An earthly year counts 365 days, 52 weeks or 12 months. One such a day on earth counts 24 hours, one hour sixty minutes and every minute 60 seconds.

These time units differ from planet to planet. On certain panets one year on earth is only a fraction of a day. On other planets the day passes very, very fast...

Suppose that because of circumstances you were born on an other planet in our ecliptic system, how old would you be today ? Do you want to know ? Fill out your date of birth (e.g. September 20, 1961 = 20 09 1961) and select a planet.

Amaze yourself en see how young you are ... if only you were born on an other planet...

Fill out your date of birth ...

Day:   Month:   Year:

...and then click on a planet.


On earth you are days old.

If you were born on

you would be days old

... or in other words, you would be years old there.

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