Control panel

   Control panel tool             Command
   Accessibility Options          control access.cpl
   Administrative Tools           control /name Microsoft.AdministrativeTools
   Add New Hardware               control sysdm.cpl add new hardware
   Add/Remove Programs            control appwiz.cpl
   Date/Time Properties           control timedate.cpl
   Display Properties             control desk.cpl
   FindFast                       control findfast.cpl
   Fonts Folder                   control fonts
   Internet Properties            control inetcpl.cpl
   Joystick Properties            control joy.cpl
   Keyboard Properties            control main.cpl keyboard
   Microsoft Exchange             control mlcfg32.cpl
                                  (or Windows Messaging)
   Microsoft Mail Post Office     control wgpocpl.cpl
   Modem Properties               control modem.cpl
   Mouse Properties               control main.cpl
   Multimedia Properties          control mmsys.cpl
   Network Properties             control netcpl.cpl
                                  NOTE: In Windows NT 4.0, Network
                                  properties is Ncpa.cpl, not Netcpl.cpl
   Password Properties            control password.cpl
   PC Card                        control main.cpl pc card (PCMCIA)
   Power Management (Windows 95)  control main.cpl power
   Power Management (Windows 98)  control powercfg.cpl
   Printers Folder                control printers
   Regional Settings              control intl.cpl
   Scanners and Cameras           control sticpl.cpl
   Sound Properties               control mmsys.cpl sounds
   System Properties              control sysdm.cpl

   MMC Snap In                            Command
   AD Domains and Trusts                  domain.msc
   Active Directory Management            admgmt.msc
   AD Sites and Serrvices                 dssite.msc
   AD Users and COmputers                 dsa.msc
   ADSI Edit                              adsiedit.msc
   Authorization manager                  azman.msc
   Certification Authority Management     certsrv.msc
   Certificate Templates                  certtmpl.msc
   Cluster Administrator                  cluadmin.exe
   Computer Management                    compmgmt.msc
   Component Services                     comexp.msc
   Configure Your Server                  cys.exe
   Device Manager                         devmgmt.msc
   DHCP Managment                         dhcpmgmt.msc
   Disk Defragmenter                      dfrg.msc
   Disk Manager                           diskmgmt.msc
   Distributed File System                dfsgui.msc
   DNS Managment                          dnsmgmt.msc
   Event Viewer                           eventvwr.msc
   Indexing Service Management            ciadv.msc
   IP Address Manage                      ipaddrmgmt.msc
   Licensing Manager                      llsmgr.exe
   Local Certificates Management          certmgr.msc
   Local Group Policy Editor              gpedit.msc
   Local Security Settings Manager        secpol.msc
   Local Users and Groups Manager         lusrmgr.msc
                                          (niet op Windows 8.1)
   Network Load balancing                 nlbmgr.exe
   Performance Montior                    perfmon.msc
   PKI Viewer                             pkiview.msc
   Public Key Managment                   pkmgmt.msc
   QoS Control Management                 acssnap.msc
   Remote Desktops                        tsmmc.msc
   Remote Storage Administration          rsadmin.msc
   Removable Storage                      ntmsmgr.msc
   Removable Storage Operator Requests    ntmsoprq.msc
   Routing and Remote Access Manager      rrasmgmt.msc
   Resultant Set of Policy                rsop.msc
   Schema management                      schmmgmt.msc
   Services Management                    services.msc
   Shared Folders                         fsmgmt.msc
   SID Security Migration                 sidwalk.msc
   Telephony Management                   tapimgmt.msc
   Terminal Server Configuration          tscc.msc
   Terminal Server Licensing              licmgr.exe
   Terminal Server Manager                tsadmin.exe
   UDDI Services Managment                uddi.msc
   Windows Mangement Instumentation       wmimgmt.msc
   WINS Server manager                    winsmgmt.msc