Amy Lowell
Amy Lowell (1874 - 1925)
American poetess
(1874 - 1925)

Pictures of the Floating World

  With Lacquer Prints
& Free Fantasia on Japanese Themes

A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass

  Lyrical Poems


  The Boston Athenaeum

  Verses for Children

Sword Blades & Poppy Seed

  Sword Blades

  Poppy Seed

  A Lady

Men Women and Ghosts

  Her well-known poem "Patterns"

  Figurines in Old Saxe

  Bronze Tablets

  War Pictures

  The overgrown Pasture

  Clocks tick a Century

  Towns in Colour

What's O'Clock

  Her well-known poem "Lilacs"


  Amy Lowell - Love Poems:
In English

  Amy Lowell - Flowers:
In English

  Amy Lowell - Liefdesgedichten:
In het Nederlands


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