White bull management

White Bull Management has been founded in 1996 by Geert Byttebier and has as its mission to help people evolve in their personal evolution and in their role in the organization.

His founder Geert Byttebier has been guiding people in different ways towards excellence; tailor-made coaching, teambuilding and leadership programs are designed in order to take into account the specific needs of the clients. His large experience as a professional in large internationals make Geert a senior trainer and coach specialized in the complexities with which these organizations are confronted today.


In his coaching approach Geert is taking care of the awareness and development process. Providing the necessary information on the strengths and points of improvement of the coachee is completed with a personalized development approach . By ways of feedback exercises, interviews and professional tools a competency framework is created which helps to develop the person in his role, aligned with the the needs of the organization.

Next to individual coaching, group coaching between managers from the same level, or duo-coachings between managers from different hierarchical levels, contribute to create evolution for the coachee.

Geert has the PCC status in the International Coaching Federation and has more than 3500 hours of executive coaching build up over the years.


In teambuildings Geert has large experiences with different teams; team dynamics related with specifics objectives for a team make a good balance for a balanced fun and learning day. In the past years more than 180 teambuilding days have been delivered by Geert in different organizations.

Management and leadership courses

Geert has developed several leadership courses for international organizations for middle and senior management. A diversity of topics can be delivered; leadership styles, how to function in a matrix organization, communication, change, strategic management, conflict resolution, developing a vision and strategy, building a team, communication with hierarchy etc. Geert has been working as a consultant at times in order to guide the sometimes complex processes between senior and middle management.