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Migrating from the m68k to the PowerPC

I'm migrating from my good old Amiga 4000/040 (running Linux/m68k) to a screaming PowerPC-based (CHRP) machine.

My goal is to make Linux/PPC run on the motherboard I've got.


On Wed, 19 May 2004, my LongTrail died.

It suddenly locked up, and still boots into Open Firmware, but loading a kernel image (from IDE disk or from MESH SCSI) makes it lock up immediately without any OF output :-( So I won't be able to do any more development or testing on CHRP or PPC.

Bye bye! I had a great time on PPC, and it served me well for almost 7 years!

Hardware description

I built the whole machine myself around a PowerPC based motherboard. I put the board in a big tower case. All additional components are standard `PC' parts, except for the ATI Xclaim 3D video board and the ADB keyboard and mouse, which are standard `Mac' parts.

ClassModelWorking under
Open FirmwareLinux
MotherboardIBM Long Trail Reference Design compatibleYesYes
ProcessorIBM PowerPC 604ev, 200 MHzYesYes
L2-cache512KB Pipelined Burst Synchronous SRAMYesYes
Main Memory2 x 64 MB DIMM 3.3V 2-bank SDRAMYesYes
(EDO or SDRAM, I have both to test :-)
IDE2 channels enhanced IDE (Ultra/33)Yes[1]Yes[1]
SCSIApple MESH (Macintosh Enhanced SCSI Hardware)YesYes
Dawicontrol DC-2976UW (Symbios 53c875 based)No[2]Yes
AudioCrystal CS4236BYes
System Bus4 32-bit PCI slotsYesYes
NetworkingD-Link DE530-CT (DEC 21041 based)No[2]Yes
VideoDiamond Stealth 64 Video 3000 (S3 Vision968 based)No[3]No
ATI Xclaim 3D (3D RAGE II +DVD based, 4MB SGRAM)YesYes (incl. X)
MonitorNokia 447Xi
Hard driveQuantum Fireball TMS3200 3.2 GB Ultra-SCSIYesYes
Quantum Viking II 4.5 GB Ultra2Wide-SCSINo[4]Yes
CD-ROM drivePlextor PX-12TSi SCSIYesYes
Tape driveHewlett Packard C1536A DDS SCSIYesYes
Floppy driveSony 3.5" 1.44 MBYesYes
KeyboardCherry US-QWERTY Windows 95 3000 series PS/2 (with free extra modifiers for X :-)YesYes
Serial2 PC-style DB9YesYes
2 Mac-style SCC
Apple Desktop BusNo devices attached anymoreYesYes
MouseLogitech Pilot PS/2 (+ serial adapter)Yes[5]
Open FirmwareFirmWorks, 3.0, 512KB Flash ROM (Am29F040)
[1] Not verified on my preproduction board; newer boards are OK
[2] Due to the lack of an FCode ROM on the board.
[3] Due to the lack of an FCode ROM on the board. However, newer Open Firmware PROMs do support this board
[4] Connected to the Sym875
[5] Serial (DB9) only

Please note that a `No' in the table above means `not yet'. Empty entries mean `untested' or `irrelevant'.


Kernel Version

I'm using the `bleeding edge' kernel source tree from, which is available through anonymous CVS. That version should work out-of-the-box.

Hopefully the features from the bleeding edge source tree will migrate soon to the official Linux kernel sources maintained by Linus Torvalds.


I'm using Debian-unstable aka `potato'.


Installation is done in two parts:

Open Firmware


Benchmark Results

Various Maps

Golden Gate II Host Bridge

National Semiconductor Super I/O

I want to help with the development of Linux/PPC on CHRP. Where can I get a board?

Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 10:26:54 +0200
From: Edmund Humenberger <>
Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.development.system, comp.os.linux.hardware,
Subject: PowerPC 604e 233 Mhz motherboard avail!  800,- USD

Dear hackers!
 CHRP Motherboards with 233 MHz CPU are available
 for hackers now.
 Linux does run on this board. For more infos on the board
 and running Linux on it see
 If you want to get one board, please ask ASAP
 I will place a bunch order with the manufactorer of the MB.
 Please understand that Linux/CHRP is not yet for users.
 This offer is for developers/hackers/get-kernel-diry.
 There is not yet such thing as a distribution.
 With this motherboard you can build a complete system
 for almost half the price an Apple with the same performance
 would cost :)
 PS: The number of boards is limited, so: first come, first serve
 yours ed
Unfortunately no more boards are available :-(

Correction: 10 additional PowerPC boards are available

From: Edmund Humenberger <>
To: Geert Uytterhoeven <>
Subject: New PwerPC boards available!

Hello PowerPC and Linux friends!

Finally prox. 10 additional PowerPC boards are available!

Please contact everyone who showed interest in getting one.
Price 800 USD. 225 Mhz 604e Processors
Like ever since, first come, first serve. 

contains infos about the board.


PS: Does this team have enough resources and qualification to
make his own board? (if PIOS can do it, why should this be a problem
for this team of highly qualified people :) I would take the part for
getting all parts together and getting a manufacturer for it)
But we definitely need the EE knowledge and tools to debug, simulate and
change design for the board (as some parts will be no longer available).
And we need some OF :)

Development History

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