Open Firmware Device Tree

This is a clickable version of the Open Firmware device tree on my machine. Note that the information in this tree is not up-to-date.

The device tree is also available using the proc file system, under /proc/device-tree/.

root     /
ff8885f8 /rtas
ff866bf4 /rom@ff000000
ff8627c0 /flash@fff00000
ff8513d0 /cpus
ff88a1c8   /PowerPC,604ev@0
ff88a788     /l2-cache
ff84d8e0 /pci
ff89552c   /ethernet@4
ff8952e0   /display
ff88cf44   /mac-io@2
ff893e68     /misc@0
ff894688       /iic
ff893d7c     /via@16000
ff8939fc     /escc@13000
ff893c2c       /ch-b@13000
ff893af4       /ch-a@13020
ff88fd08     /scsi@10000
ff892e1c       /tape
ff8924d0       /disk
ff88f944     /escc-legacy@12000
ff88fba8       /ch-b@12000
ff88fa60       /ch-a@12002
ff88d78c     /adb@11000
ff88f364       /mouse@3
ff88e6dc       /keyboard@2
ff88d638     /open-pic@40000
ff88aad8   /ide@1,1
ff88c504     /disk
ff85a534   /isa@1
ff864208     /sound@i534
ff8640e8     /midi@i330
ff863ff8     /game@i200
ff863368     /gpio@i800
ff863008     /nvram@me0000
ff862aa4     /rtc@i70
ff85f644     /8042@i60
ff8618b0       /mouse@aux
ff860260       /keyboard@
ff85d804     /floppy@i3f0
ff85d3b4     /parallel@i3bc
ff85c704     /serial@i2f8
ff85b9f4     /serial@i3f8
ff85b490     /timer@i40
ff85b01c     /interrupt-controller@i20
ff85ae08     /dma-controller@i00
ff84a650 /mmu
ff83f2e4 /memory@0
ff82734c /aliases
ff8272f4 /options
ff8271ec /openprom
ff82727c   /client-services
ff827198 /chosen
ff827140 /packages
ff869b90   /null-io
ff867028   /hfs-file-system
ff865328   /eeprom
ff844f80   /disk-label
ff8441c4   /iso9660-file-system
ff83f8e4   /fat-file-system
ff835660   /obp-tftp
ff834d08   /deblocker
ff8349a8   /stringio
ff830d38   /terminal-emulator

This page is maintained by Geert Uytterhoeven.
$Date: 2006-01-25 21:24:49 $