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[Notebook with Pinguins]

Compaq sells notebooks with Windows only, but shows notebooks with penguins in it's advertisements in various Belgian newspapers and magazines. The example advertisement (A giant leap for mankind, a small step for your budget) in the newspaper De Standaard of November 16, 2000 even shows a large banner Compaq recommends Windows 2000 Professional for business at the bottom of the advertisement.

When I first saw such an advertisement, I queried the Compaq sales division (translated from my original email in Dutch):


In this week's issue of Knack magazine I found an advertisement from Compaq
computers. Al mentioned computer models are sold including a variant of
Microsoft Windows.

Surprisingly, the picture for the Compaq Armada V300 model shows a notebook
with a collection of _penguins_ on the LCD. Does this mean this model can also
be purchased with Linux instead of Microsoft Windows?

Many thanks for your reply!

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and received the following response (translated from the original reply in Dutch):

Dear Mister Uytterhoeven,

We received your email well, thank you. In response to your query we can tell
you that the Compaq products are delivered with Microsoft Windows only. You can
run Linux on the Armadas, but it is not supported by Compaq.

Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

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