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Hallo there,

This is my homepage as you might already have seen @ the title.

Iím not expecting many visitors for this page but I might as well make it to go with the pictures ^_^. Iím mainly using this page for hosting pictures Ďn stuff, some siteís also require hosting pics. Thatís why Angelfire is perfect for me ;-).

My pics. Should be here: www.angelfire.com/linux/genji_wealay/images/index.html

I wonít post all combinations but if you want I can E-mail them to you



As you go through my picture collection you might notice Iím a big Final Fantasy fan (who isnít ¨_¨ ?)

Iím also going to use Angelfire for hosting my story for when I get FFXI, Iím going to be famous like Guely : YAY !!!! Iíd like to be on the same server as him (Titanís world) as well as the Windurst Liberation Army server (Iíd like it to be the same as his)


Let me tell you some more info about myself on Final Fantasy 11 .

My name will be Genji Wealay, I will be a White/Black mage TaruTaru

I will look like this: http://www.angelfire.com/linux/genji_wealay/images/10h.jpg . I will start out in Windurst as it is the hometown of TaruTaruís. I am also member of the Windurst Liberation Army (WLA) which has as homepagehttp://www.members.shaw.ca/ffxi although the leader GrandLethal prefers to use http://www.gloriousff.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=94.

Yet again our site programmer likes to usehttp://toke.proboards12.com/index.cgi?board=chat

Before that we all used http://www.eyesonff.com but we posted too much there and they started deleting our topics ^_^.


My most frequent used site is www.gamefaqs.com > GAMEFAQS by CjayC. With a good cause: all of my knowledge on Final Fantasy, Play Station gameís, releases and most of all the boards. I am known there as FF Newbie (should be FF Xpert), Marduk (Borrowed from Shadow666 because I ran out of posts) and deus terra (God of Earth).


The current hosting server Iím using is Angelfire. I just transferred from Boomspeed so compared to that my site is a pearl ;-) .


If you have any comments on this site or ideaís donít be afraid to mail me @ rpg_player_type_4@hotmail.com . I will give credit for anything helpful so anything is welcome J on my site Ö