This website contains info that I like to accessible to me at all times.

My modelling inspiration comes mainly from real historical magazines and books, such as 'Armes Militaria', 'Historica', 'Ligne de Front', '40~45 Toen en nu', '39-45', 'Batailles et Blindes' and modelling magazines such as 'Steel Masters', 'Art Of Modelling',WingMasters' and a whole lot of other sources including the internet of course.

I did a lot of modelling when I was between 10 and 18 but then it stopped almost completely due to school efforts.
However I have never lost my intrest as my list of magazines shows.
Since I discovered the model shop Verbrugge in Bruges I have been buying new paint and accesories for this hobby to replace my old paint. I have also bought pigments and washes.

My woodworking hobby is completely self taught although I had a good mentor, one of our neighbours, when I was young and taking my first woodworking steps.
This hobby has never really stopped.
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