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Great-grandfather François  as engineer from the Phoenix steamengine-works  1898

Familie Deseyn-De Graeve (1927). 



I'm searching on the early connections between the different members of the von/de SAYN/SAINS/SEYN  family in Flanders/  North of France/ Brabant/ Rhineland/ The Netherlands regions from the 12th to the 15th century.

Next to the German noble family SAYN(-WITTGENSTEIN) of which the ancesters are well-known from the 12th century onwards, I'm looking for the once existing branches more to the west.

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My mother Liselotte Borchert 1945 My father Oscar Deseyn 1945

"Mout est sages, s'il ne radote;
Mais Mados et Gilles de Sains
Ne n'en atissent mie mains.
Maistres Gilles ert avocas;
Si metera avant les cas
Pour leur previlege r'avoir,
Et dist qu'il livrera s'avoir
Se Jehans Crespins livre argent;
Et Jehans leur a en couvent
Qu'il livrera de l'aubenaille;
Car mout ert dolans s'on le taille.
Chis fera du frait par tout fin."

fraqment medieval french play: "LI JUS ADAN or DE LA FEUILLIE"  situated in the north of France


"And when Theodore Lascaris saw that there were few people remaining in the city, he took a great part of his host, and such ships as he could collect on the sea, and sent them to the castle of Cibotos, which William of Sains was fortifying; and they set siege to the castle by sea and land, on the Saturday in mid- Lent , 31st March 1207" 


from: Geoffrey de Villehardouin [1160-1213]: Memoirs or Chronicle of The Fourth Crusade and The Conquest of Constantinople


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the website of the family Deseijn is still under construction



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