Welcome. On this fansite the Trappist beer is at the forefront. But let us start with an introduction to the abbey:

n this spot in St-Remy we were received.

r we are monk or just pass-by, here we are not at home, but with God.

- The monks have the duty to make this spot beautiful and harmonious.

- The passer-bys can enjoy the beauty of what it means, to feel God among us.

ince the foundation in 1930, the abbey has, through the ups and downs of the ages, known a rich history. This history we can summarize in a few words: men who leave everything behind to live with God and in that way open the eyes for the Ressurection of the Lord.

aint Benedict has introduced this principles in the VIth century by means of a rule which is observed till today.



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Source: Leaflet of the Abbey Notre-Dame de ST-Remy.