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Week 1 Meeting Jurgen Laurrijsen.

Week 2 Making a basic raytracer.

Week 3 Raytracer: Refractions, triangles and multisampling.

Week 4 Meshes.

Week 5 Transformations.

Week 7 Bounding Volumes.

Week 8 Bounding Volumes.

Week 10 Uniform Grid. Uniform Interface.

Week 11 Finishing the rebuild and uniform grid.

Week 13 Finishing uniform grid. Literature survey.

Week 14 Done: uniform grid. Start BSP or simple kd-tree.

Week 15 The AaBsp-tree works.

Week 27 The real kd-tree works.


This website is made to be some sort of blog like site on which I post the things I've done during the weeks. What you can expect here is plain text, figures and a few links.

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Have a nice day.