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A lot of people think SASH! is english, or they think that SASH! is only one man: Sascha Lappessen! Well their wrong.
The main person of the Sash! project is Sascha, but there are more people involved with Sash!. At first there is Thomas "Alisson" Lüdke, a producer and later Ralf "Kappi" Kappmeier followd. Sascha Lappessen was born in Nettetal, Germany. At the age of 16 he got a job: working as light jockey in the Kings (one of Germany's biggest night clubs). It was here that Sascha met Thomas "Alisson" Lüdke and Dirk Sengotta, they thought that they could make better music. The project was called "Careca". Careca released only two singles: "Indian Rave", and "You'll never walk alone", but it wasn't a succes so they decided to stop the project. Later SASH! made some remixes under that name like the Ganbareh remix. The end of Careca was also the end for Dirk but not for Sascha and Thomas. They would only dissapear for a year to hit back with their most succesfull project of all: "SASH!"

The beginning of SASH!

A year after the end of "Careca" they started again with a new project. Like I said before Dirk Sengotta missed out, but Ralf "Kappi" Kappmeier joined in. That seems to be a good step forward. Sascha had some new ideas, at first they wanted to call theirself "DJ Sascha". But that name did already exist, so they came up with "Sash!". The night clubs where the 3 met each other (The Kings), are still thanked in every album release of Sash!.

It's My Life

It was the magic year 1995...
A new and fresh artist would surprise the world with his songs.
The first Sash!-single was called: "It's My Life". Sascha Lappessen did the vocals for this song but there wasn't a video for the single. Even without a video the single went way up in the DJ charts. The success of their first single encouraged our 3 friends to create new songs.

Sash! asked a friend, Sabine Ohmes, to provide some vocals for their newest song: "Encore Une Fois". The original song was a "thankyou" to all the people who supported "It's My Life". The "Future Breeze" remixed the song and that became one of the biggest hits of the 1990s. It was a much bigger success than the first single "It's My Life". This might be caused by the fact that the Future Breeze remix is much more commercial, than the album version of the song and than "It's My Life". But producer Rollo of Faithless couldn't have that "Encore Une Fois" was a success and so he accused Sash! of stealing parts of their hit songs "Salva Mea" and "Insomnia". Luckily Faithless' manager said that the song was too different. If they would have taken Sash! to the court they surely would have lost. At the time of "Encore Une Fois", Sascha still worked in a record shop. It was quite funny because people were asking him: "Do you have the single by....... erm.... Sash!?", without knowing that the guy who sold them the record was Sash!.
A famous German DJ called Adrian Rodriguez was asked to do the vocals on "Ecuador" - one of their biggest hit to date. Sash!'s record company said that they were crazy when they presented the song. It was so different from "Encore Une Fois". The company prefered making a single with the same strings as on "Encore Une Fois" and French vocals. Maybe because Sash! ignored the record company, they built up a huge reputation.

For the 4th single "Stay" Sash! asked Frankie McCoy, who sang on a tea commercial in the next door studio, to do the vocals. She called herself "La Trec", to a book character, and "Stay" became an enormous hit. Sash! never expected this to be a hit just as huge as the previous singles. It was quite experimental: full vocals and in English, and not in some kind of exotic language. This time British DJ Andrew Hagerty (Kaleid) claimed that Sash! had stolen the main hook used in "Stay" from his song called "Durrel". He really took Sash! to the court, but the result is still not known.

La Trec performed also on 2 other album tracks: "Sweat" and "Hoopstar". The album ("It's my life") was released before "Stay" became a single and sold many times gold and platinum. At this album were 9 new tracks and 3 remixes by NBG (It's My Life), Future Breeze (Encore Une Fois) and at the UK release a mix by Bruce Wayne (Ecuador), in Holland a mix of "Ecuador" by the Klubbheads.

Life goes on

In August '98 the second album was released: "Life Goes On". It contained 10 new tracks, a remix of the first album's title track "It's My Life", plus a mix by Oliver Momm that included "Encore Une Fois", "Ecuador" and "Stay".

In spring '98 a new single was released from their new forthcoming album "Life Goes On". This song was called very suitably: "La Primavera", which means "spring" in Italian. The first #3 hit for Sash! in the UK, and also a hit in the rest of the world. The vocals where from Victoria.

In the summer of that year Sash! worked with dance diva Tina Cousins. She was known by her marginal hits: "Angel" and "Killin' Time". The result was a #2 hit for the UK; "Mysterious Times". The video, which was made by this song, is according to many people the best video Sash! ever has made. You can see in the video that some journalists go to a special street where a bald man, who sits in a stage, is catching electricity. Tina Cousins stands in a wind tunnel and Sascha is playing with electricity in his hands. After this single, Tina Cousins' career went better, her song "Pray" got a #20 position, this is called the "Sash! effect".

"Move Mania" was the 3rd single to be released from this album. It had vocals by 80s singer Shannon, known from the hit "Let The Music Play" from 1984. The video had been shot in New York, because of Sash!'s success this track needed a great video, according to the producer. Nevertheless this song didn't have the same success like the previous singles; # 8 in the UK.

Some weeks/months later, in the beginning of 1999 another single with the collaboration of Sash! was released. Tokapi made a remix of the old Boney M hit "Ma Baker". And Sascha didn't work on it, though many people still believe that. It was released under the name "Boney M Horny United". The release was just after "Move Mania" so you can hear some resemblances in it. The song has also been taken on the Boney M best of album, which was released later. And there it was mentioned again as: "Ma Baker (Sash! remix)".

The fourth and last single of this album was "Colour The World" with vocals by Dr. Alban and Finnish Inka. Though this would be the biggest Sash! hit ever, it became one of their worst (# 15 in the UK). The video had been shot by director Antti Jokinen, who came in touch with Sash! by Inka.


After a quiet summer, no sound of Sash!, was he back in November 1999 with the first track of his new album. The track entitled "Adelante" had vocals by Adrian Rodriguez (the man of "Ecuador") and Peter Faulhammer (the low voice). The song was quite remarkable, because of its accordion sounds. Finally a new #2 hit for Sash! in the UK, the fifth Sash! have had yet. And that's another record, most #2s in the UK! The other record is that Sash! has used most different languages ever, and if you count... (English, Spanish, French, Finnish, Danish, Italian, African...).

In March 2000 was the 2nd single release from the forthcoming album "Trilenium". The first time Sash! made a ballad, the second time Sash! worked with Tina Cousins: "Just Around The Hill". Tina decided after "Mysterious Times" that she never wanted to work again with Sash!, because people would see her only as 'the voice of Sash!', and forget her solo career. But when he asked her to do the vocals of "Just Around The Hill", she agreed because she thought the song was beautiful. And it would only become an album track. But Sash!'s manager told that the song was too good to be only an album track, so a new single with Tina Cousins was born. Some people thought when they heard the song: "I know that song! There's a part in it which is taken from Micheal Jackson!" Sash! explaned later that a sample was used indeed. According to him it was Micheal Jackson's "You Are Not Alone", because that sounds like the chorus of "Just Around The Hill". There were two versions of "Just Around The Hill": the ballad- and the dance version. Sash! made the dance version because they were afraid to lose fans, if there had only existed a ballad version. Many people specualated again about a #1 position in the UK, in every case a top 3 hit. In fact "Just Around The hill" became a disappointment in that option. Because it 'only' got to #8 in the UK, in the rest of the countries the song did worse.

The 3rd album "Trilenium" was released in the beginning of April 2000. The name is still a mystery, 'cause if you follow the real spelling like the word "Millennium", it had to be "Trillennium". Thomas Lüdke said that the clue is something they all 3 like to do. But another earlier explanation was this one: Tri- = because it's the 3rd album or because Sash! consists of 3 members, -ilenium = it is released in a new millennium, and they had enough by the millennium so they removed a few letters. "Trilenium" is an album with 14 new tracks and no remixes. Again a disappointment, it didn't get higher than a #8 position (Life Goes On) but only #13 in the UK. Man blamed that on the low success of "Just Around The Hill". This record cantained a few new things: Gospel-dance, a ballad, Rock guitar-house, beatless music, a song with Danish lyrics. On this album are also a lot of 'old' collaborating artists, who we met before: Tina Cousins, Inka, Sabine Ohmes & Adrian Rodriguez. A little later was the news that Sash! would be one of the producers on Madonna's new album "Music". Unfortunately it seemed to be only a rumour, 'cause Sash! have never had any contact with the Diva.

One of the new tracks from "Trilenium"; "Le Soleil Noir", had been released as single. This time the band name "SASH!" wasn't mentioned, but "Encore". That was because the record companies wanted to release the single too, but probably with a lack of time they chose for Encore (Sabine Ohmes from "Encore Une Fois") instead of Sash!. In the video didn't appear Sascha, but only Sabine Ohmes and some dancers/people. The single/radio edit was a different from the album version: "Encore Une Fois" strings, and some other extra background effects. The release was end September 2000 in main Europe, but didn't do much in the charts.

The next real Sash! single was "With My Own Eyes", with the vocals of Finnish ex-model, tv star and singer of course: Inka. It had been released a few weeks after the release of "Le Soleil Noir", in the beginning of October in central Europe and the UK as well. The radio edit was completely different from the Album version, because it was actually a new remix. And this was the first single with a B-side track: "Rock The Block Maxi Version". This track only featured the "normal" single. There also exists another single with the same tracks as the first mentioned one (Radio Edit, Album Version, Extended Version) except "Rock The Block Maxi Version", plus some remixes. This single was called: "The Remixes". The single did a lot better than "Le Soleil Noir". It was the 9th top 10 hit in the UK (#10) and did very well in Romania (#4), but in other areas it did (a lot) worse. For the first time no charting in the BeNeLux (Be= top 50, Nl= top 100), only charting in unofficial charts. And for example in Germany and Sweden it reached about #50. At the same time "Together Again" would be released in Denmark because of the Danish lyrics, but after some weeks they said it wouldn't go on. Because Denmark should get the same release as the rest of the world.

Best of!

Sash!'s first greatest hits album was released in November 2000, it's called "Encore Une Fois - Best Of Sash!" or in Australia and the UK "Encore Une Fois - Sash! Greatest Hits". There exist 2 different versions of the album. 1 with only CD 1, and one version containing CD 1 & 2 (the fan edition). On the 1st CD are all singles, a new mix by Oliver Momm (now including all singles, but over 17 minutes long) and a few old album tracks. On CD 2 is a mix of some remixed Sash! tracks and a CD-Rom part (incl. Biography and videos for "Adelante", "Just Around The Hill", "With My Own Eyes" and "Encore Une Fois"). Pity for the die-heart fans who immediately bought the CD just after its release. There was an error on it: It contained CD 2 twice, and CD 1 was missed out! But some people had luck and could exchange it for a right one. Nevertheless it was not a real sell success. It only enter in about 6 countries. And in the UK album charts it got to number 33. The record company has chosen that Sash! won't release new singles anymore for a half a year. The tracks which have been created by Sash!, and actually would be on the best of album, had be stored in the cubboard, so they can be on the forthcoming album. These new tracks are mainly club, but one of them will certainly be the new single. In the meantime Sascha got engaged, and married on April the 21st of 2001 to his Spanish carino (=honey) Mabel, who takes part in Loona, and was the girl who appeared next to Tina Cousins in the "Just Around The Hill" video.


After being away for more than a year SASH! decided to hit back with his best album yet.
S4!SASH! is the fourth real album so that's why they choose the title. This album goes further where Trilenium stoped, that means more and more poppy songs with a trance sound to it. And thats the reason that not everyone liked it. The big hits like Adelante, Encore une Fois and Ecuador can't be found on this album. That means that like Trilenium all the tracks are more and less the same quality. And the truth is that the quality off this album isn't as high like It's My Life or Life Goes On. But that doesn't mean that there aren't any good songs on it...

The first track to be released was Ganbareh with Japanese sound and lyrics with vocals by Mikko. SASH! pics in on the football mania that comes with the WC2002 in Japan and Korea. It's one off the best songs off the album. The sound is real japanese like and it's more trance. Ganbareh stands for Go Out and Play and thats what the WC is all about. The second track on it was The Sunset. A real trance song with vocals by Georgina Collins. There were two versions released the two normal ones and a remix edition.

After three mounths with no succes for Ganbareh SASH! decided to release Run with vocals by Boy George who became famous with his band Culture Club in the '80. The song was real poppy. With the help of a famous singer SASH! hoped to retrieve his name of big artist but it failed again. Run wasn't in the big charts. What the real reasons are that SASH! wasn't as succesful as he used to be aren't quite sure. My opinion is that the record company don't promote him as much as Byte and Edel did. On thas single there was as well a second song to be found. Luna Llena with vocals by La Isla. But this wasn't as well as The Sunset. But the extended version on the remix edition was really nice.

The third single to be reales from the album is I Believe. A combination of Trance and pop music. I Believe is one of the best songs on the album, even better then Ganbareh. But without promotion this single will be doomed to have the same "succes" as Ganbareh and Run. The lyrics are from TJ Davis. A real good singer with a good voice. The second song on it is Nessum Dorma.

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