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Induction Panting Pensive Gnomish Jig Gift To The Fall Unhinged Flutter Scuttle to The Shuttle Recall
Embra Gift To The Fall Knomish Impro 1 Invocation Song Impro 2    


Jazzflits (H. Invernizzi - The Netherlands) : "Goundbreaking work"
All About Jazz (M. Zerbo - Italy) :“reveals new developments…shades of timbre poised between avant-garde jazz and Renaissance sources”
AGW (S. Elliott - UK) :"sonic landscapes that are truly original and avant garde in the best sense of the phrase...a feast of unusual and harmonically startling flavors…fresh, new and totally out there on the musical horizon"
Le Joueur Du Luth (P. Bocquet - France) :“emotional subtlety, a touching melodicism and an astonishing array of timbres and textures”
Folk & Acousic Music Exchange (M. S. Tucker - US) : "one marvels at the fabrics, the bizarre, serene, loquacious, and peripatetic entablatures complete in warp and woof, needing nothing more than precisely what's been evoked…Like a Miro painting, a sumi brushstroke, or a petroglyph kiva panel, the frequently austere figurations speak for themselves and as fully as a Monet canvas or a Dalinian hallucination."
New Folk Sounds (M. Roeting - The Netherlands : “Those open to music from a new exploratory side will cherish this CD”
Kathodik (M. Carcasi – Italy) : “nothing short of evocative power out of the ordinary...stunning in its apparent simplicity.”
Enola (J. Maes - Belgium) : "A masterpiece that , more than because of the unusual setting, stands out fort its timeless class."
Lux Atena (L Atman - Spain) : "Recall :musical compositional talent ennobled with interpretive instrumental virtuosity"

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Liner Notes

With their CD, 'Recall', Gilbert Isbin and Scott Walton premier an innovative genre–defying collaboration, pairing lute and contrabass in a duo that references progressivejazz, classical avant-garde and Renaissance chambermusic.  Recorded in October 2011, their album, released by the New York based label PfMentum, combines Isbin’s intriguing original compositions with a fresh approach to open improvisation carrying listeners to an evocative soundscape marked by emotional subtlety, touching melodicism, and (for an acoustic string duo) an astonishing array of timbres and textures. Moving seamlessly from compelling grooves to abstract sound worlds, the music is lyrical and angular expressive and evocative, honest and virtuosic – bound  by telepathic interplay and inspired improvisation. Venice Suite, their 2006 trio release with the brilliant West Coast violinist Jeff  Gauthier, a collaboration between Gauthier’s Crytogramophone label and Belgian-based JazzHalo, inspired critics to proclaim: “16 pearls of musical finesse…improvisational chamber jazz” (MazzMuzikaS), “an album of hypnotic beauty, full of magical musical interactions” (All About Jazz), “sentimental yet adventurously winding, it is chamber music of an extraordinarily honest kind, somewhere between contemporary classical music and exceptionally creative jazz” (, wonderfully enticing genre-­‐hopping studio date…finesse, discernible ingenuity and a highly entertaining form-­‐factor” (eJazzNews), “intelligent arrangements and authenticity of sound…musical improvisation at its best” (Jazzrytmit).

Gilbert Isbin is a composer, guitarist, lutenist, improviser, residing in Brugge, Belgium. He recorded more than 20 albums and performed all over Europe and in the US. His compositions for guitar, lute and ensemble are published by Berben Ediziones Musicales (Italy), The UK Lute Society, Lantro Music (B), Golden River Music (B), Kameleon Editions (B) and Auurk ed (B)

Scott Walton is a bassist and pianist whose music negotiates the terrain between jazz, free improvisation, and the classical avant-garde. He has performed and recorded with Alex and Nels Cline, George Lewis, Myra Melford, Wadada Leo Smith, John Carter, Vinny Golia, and Clifford Jordan, among many others, and has collaborated with poets, dancers, performance artists, filmmakers and multimedia/telematic artists.