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Sorry guys and girls but you will find some dutch words on this page. This is just an "under construction" site. You will find some data about a R67 motorcycle, but most of it is Aviation related like an (aero)Subaru EA81 engine, Airplane photo snapshots, Skydiving and my new project the Little Wing gyroplane (gyrocopter).

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Motorcycle BMW R67

Aero Engine Subaru EA81

Gyroplane LW2(3)+2 (gyrocopter)

Airplanes Environment

Skydiving Sun "0013"

For Sale: Yamaha XJ700 Maxim

Beste mensen, met dit experimentje wil ik wat gegevens ontsluiten over mijn BMW R67 uit 1951. En ook wat gegevens over de luchtvaart. Met name enkele plaatjes over "vliegtuigjes" en valschermspringen. Tevens foto's van een Subaru EA81 die geschikt is/(moet worden) voor mijn "luchtvaartuig". Tevens (uiteraard) plaatjes van mijn laatste project de Little Wing autogyro.

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NewsFlash: Since February 2003 my Medical Certificate is not revalidated. That means that I have to make some choices this date (June '03). The bottom line is that I have to give up flying. Therefore, I have several goodies to offer varying from small parts like handheld radio to larger parts like an engine.
Aviation parts for sale (gyro)