Gmail Tips

The Intro

I can't even remember a time when there was no Gmail. Gmail has indeed been around for a very long time and has evolved tremendously over the years. I use Gmail every day and I love it. It has so many features (also behind the scenes) that I can't begin to tell you how much easier it makes my life. Below I have collected a number of links to articles that will help you get more out of Gmail.

  • Because many people use the "remember password" function when signing in to Gmail, the struggle when they need to sign in to another Gmail account on their computer. This also gets confusing if you want to create a Gmail account for others.
  • Ever wondered what the yellow arrows are that appear next to your inbox messages? They simply mean that Google's artificial intelligence (AI) thinks that this message is of importance to you, based on the subject, the sender, your interactions with previous similar messages and other criteria.
  • Sharing your computer with others and not sure how to access your Gmail inbox when someone else is still signed in to theirs? Check this article on how to login to Gmail with a different user account.

More tips will be added as I develop this webspace further so make sure to check back later.