The End


I'm taking my website down.

 I'm tired of the stupid games people want to play with me. I've got people on one side trying to use my site for their own purposes even though at the same time they want to trash me or other non-enrolled/thin blooded people. And on the other side I've got people who just want to trash me.

I know I've always said that I'm not looking for anyone's approval, but I want those of you who wrote and supported me to know that I really do appreciate the time you took to show your support.

And while the friends I've made through my website have been wonderful, I'm just not able to carry on. It was never meant to be an all encompassing list, that's impossible. It was just supposed to get nuagers to think about what they're doing and to give food for thought to other thinbloods who may be taken in by "shamans."

 I'm tired of the totally unoriginal shit people have made up about me. I'm tired of phoney lawyer threats and tired of people who claimed to have once talked to my second cousins's wife's brother's sister at a Fourth of July picnic in Reno and they said I wasn't a skin etc. I'm tired of the threats. Tired of people, Indian or white, trying to make this into a case of "I'm more Indian than thou" or racism. When it was never about that.

Let me make my position clear - I am not against non-Indians participating in ceremony. I know that puts me at odds with a probably rather large portion of the Native community. But if you are going to particpate - do it in a safe and respectful manner. Please - wait until you've been invited by a member from a legitimate community. Don't pay, and look out for a few simple things that will let you know if you supposed Medicine Man/Woman is genuine or not. Do they speak the language of the people they claim to be from? Do they do these ceremonies back home for the people they claim to be from? Do they ask for money upfront - either as a "love offering" or any other "suggested donation."

 Most of all, I'm tired of the accusations that I put up that site just to somehow cash in on being Indian myself because I can't enroll and so get money that way. Anyone who gave it more than a few minutes thought would probably come to the conclusion that if I wanted to make money in Europe at being Indian - I'd pick a tribe people had heard of, I'd actually try to make myself look more Indian instead of the thin blood that I am, and I'd sell fake ceremonies instead of trying to shut them down.

 Let them say it now. I was Cherokee before I put up that website, and I'll be Cherokee after it.


Catch you on the flip side.


Trisha Rose Jacobs

ps - to the people who still want to trash me - Kiss my ass.

Last updated: May 27, 2006.