Modern technology allows the manufacture of very small devices that are progressively approaching the performance of their bigger brothers, with the obvious advantage of portability. Nevertheless, portable devices show yet some lack of autonomy, memory and speed, together with a higher price tag.

PocketSystem offers you your personal work environment with the power of a full blown PC and the portability of a packet of chewing gum. Your files, your programs and your settings stay on the USB flash drive. You only need to find a PC or a laptop that come across your way. Computers are everywhere today. You're sure to find one at home, work, your friend's, the public library, an internet cafe etc.

PocketSystem is powered by the best technology Open Source Software has to offer: Linux, Firefox, Open Office, and many other cool programs. Stay free of viruses, worms, spyware, adware etc!

PocketSystem is a combination of a credit card-sized CD-ROM and a USB flash drive.

Simple to use, just find an available computer,load the CD, plug in the USB key and restart the computer. You wait for the computer to boot and start working. You can easily store your data on PocketSystem, install programs and customize your working environment. It will also read the information stored on the host computer's local hard disks, but it won't leave a single trace on them.

PocketSystem works on i386 PC compatible computers. Any personal computer capable of running windows.

We are offering USB keys ranging from 1GB to 4GB pre installed with some of the most popular Linux distributions available: Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Knoppix and DSL. Check out our Products page.

Remember, both the CD and the stick fit neatly in your pocket or even your wallet!