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Welcome to Greyhound Books !

Please feel free to go through our website. If military aircraft and aircraft modeling is your thing, you’ll probably find some intresting stuff here. We hope you’ll enjoy your visit as much as it we had fun with our books, ideas, news, links, ...

The Greyhound Books newsletter! If you want to know what we are preparing for the next few weeks, don't hesitate to download our newletter here. In it, you will find the cover of our next publication in our Detail Series: the Sepecat Jaguar. This book shows the Jaguar in every detail and some stunning action-shots. Low level ! loaded ! On aircraft carrier trials !!

And as with our Phantom book, this book comes with a great bookmark, helping you through the pages of the book. You can pre-order this book by sending us an e-mail at c2abelgium@gmail.com

Of course, the Phantom book is still available. For more information, check out Aircraft books.

Our new modelling book ! Propeller-driven aircraft ! We have built over 20 models to show you our techniques into building great models. Quickly go to Model Books for more details.

Our books are also available at Aero Spezial Modellbauversand! Check out our Links !