Our aim

As responsible breeders we breed nice Groenendael that match the standard and that have their qualities in show , work (obedience , agility , flyball , herding , tracking , schutz , ... ) , guard dog , to breed from , or just as pet, but all of them with good , stable characters and well educated. Shortly : dogs like the ones we prefer to have here ourselves.Parents are always hipscored. To be sure we bred the right combinations , we keep in contact with the new owners , if possible we visit the dogs at least once a year , to see how they developped.For this reason we organise twice a year " Le Pré du Vieux Pont Kenneldays ".


About the puppies' education

All our puppies are professionally tested on their character at the age of 7 weeks.

The man who does the test is a professional , he can lean on a very long and intensive career with dogs and is used to training dogs of any age , all breeds , all characters.
The test is always done in a place where the puppies have never been before , and they have never met the tester . This test gives an idea of what to expect of the puppy : one is maybe very suited for an older couple , another one may be perfect in a family with small kids , the third one shows his nature to do e.g. agility , the fourth one may be even stronger character and could be used to do schutz , the one that shows an enormous will to please is a perfect puppy to train for obedience , etc. Mostly the test confirms what we already wrote down about the puppies ' character .

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Le Pré du Vieux Pont Kenneldays

In the summer of 1996 we organised for the first time our kennelday.
We invite everyone who has a " du Pré du Vieux Pont " dog to have a nice day together , with the dogs and other Groenendael friends. People and doggies are arriving in the morning around 10 o'clock.We have a cup of coffee and cake. After a while , around 10.30 , we leave for the walk , in the beautiful green surroundings of Beringen. The walk is always very rewarding. We talk dogs all the time , the doggies themselves can run and play to their taste. We have a guide who takes us to the most beautiful spots! Around noon we come back and enjoy a big barbecue. In 1996 the weather was not that good , but 1997 , waw , what a day. Beautiful sunshine all day long. We also invited Yannick , the professional photographer to take photos of the dogs. ( You probably know Yannick from the nice photos in the Belgian and french Club magazines ).
It 's always very nice to see our dogs and their happy owners again.
February 1998 : our first Winter-kennelday , in a new , even better location ! This day is based on the same principle, the walk is now done in the afternoon , there is a stop halfway , where we offer the people a liquor , gluhwein or hot chocolate. No barbecue in the winter but real " wintersoup " with sandwiches. Again it was a big succes !
So , from now on we will have 2 kenneldays a year : 1 in the winter ( February ) and the other one in summer ( August ) ! !

Our kennelday is growing ! August 1999 , we had 84 people and 32 "Le Pré du Vieux Pont dogs " , is was again a very succesful day , happy faces everywhere , both the dogs AND their owners enjoyed !

An impression of Le Pré du Vieux Pont Kenneldays

Hot , hotter , hottest , 1997   A short break   Here we go again!!!   1996 , almost autumn   Njam , Luc at the Barbecue , 1996   Smile! Your photo is made by Yannick !   February-edition , 1998   February-edition , 1998   Part of the group, August 1998    On our way ,August 1998    The start ,February 2000    Summer 2000    Summer 2000 , trying to take a photo of our visitors from abroad !    Our visitors from abroad :Australia , Austria & Denmark !