This is our village , Olmen

Hoolstmolen This is the " Hoolstmolen " , a wheelpowered watermill.It is not working anymore. But you can visit the mill , it is working on this day and you can ask information about it. Hoolstmolen
This is the " Straalmolen " , also a watermill , but this one is turbinepowered. It is one of the very few mills that are still working. It is used to mill all kinds of corn. Straalmolen
Nete This is one of the many arms of the " Nete " , a stream that has its origin in our region.
This is Centennial City , a real cowboyvillage ! Every weekend you can go there and feel and live like a real cowboy. In the saloon they even have live countrymusic ! Centennial city
Pastorijpoort This is the " Pastorijpoort " , it's the main entrance to the house of our village's priest. The gate dates from 1731.

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