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The Guild Newsletter


Nieuwe updates GuildWars

Added by DragonBe @ Thursday, June 9 2005

Guildwars has made several updates past wednesday, here you can find them in brief:

  • Cleaning out of bot-operated useraccounts
  • Changing the Signet of Capture so that it now targets dead boss monsters, instead of having those bosses alive
  • Adding rune traders for trading already unlocked runes
  • Adding rare crafting materials traders
  • Magical bonuses to a number of quests and collector items
  • Improved guild matching system so that top-ranked guilds can find opponents more readily
  • Improved Tournament and Team Arenas so that if a player drops out during a mission, that player will be replaced by a henchman for the next mission
  • Improved drops of Obsidian Shards in The Fissure of Woe
  • Changed the way armor infusion quests work
  • Fixed Henchmen AI to prevent Henchmen from running off after a party respawn
  • Fixed skills Vengeance and Unyielding Aura so that the effects after resurrection work properly again
  • Fixed skill Enervating Charge to correctly deal armor piercing damage
  • Fixed skill Wild Blow so that it correctly ignores attempts to Block or Evade
  • Fixed skill Feral Lunge duration of bleeding effect
  • Added Dwarven Ale for sale on Dwarven Merchants
  • Added more storage agents to Droknar's Forge and Arena outposts
  • Added the option of attaching Collectors Edition account keys onto existing retail accounts to unlock the Divine Aura
  • Updated the user interface so that platinum pieces are clearly separated from gold. Previously various interface elements would incorrectly display 1000 gold pieces, now they will display 1 platinum piece
  • Updated health bar positions on many monsters to more closely track the monster
  • Updated boss monsters Thul Boulderrain and Eater of Souls to use the correct glow color
  • Changed the appearance of collector NPCs in many Crystal Desert maps
  • Adjusted monster spawns in Talmark Wilderness, Ettin's Back, Ice Caves of Sorrow, Riverside Province, Sanctum Cay, Majesty's Rest, Stingray Strand, Nebo Terrace, The Arid Sea, Prophet's Path, The Scar, and rebalanced spawns of Caromi Tengu throughout Kryta
  • Increased reward for quest The Villainy of Galrath from 500 XP to 4000 XP
  • Fixed loot problems in quests The Undead Hordes, The Last Hog, and White Mantle Wrath: A Helping Hand
  • Fixed quest drops in quest Blood and Smoke
  • Fixed the countdown timer in Elona's Reach so that it now begins after the cinematic
  • Fixed fame in the Tomb of Primeval Kings so that it is granted starting from the first competitive victory
  • Fixed inability to trade bags. Unequipped bags can now be traded
  • Fixed an error that prevented characters from continuing to play after reaching level 15 in pre-searing Ascalon
  • Updated European and Korean translations
  • Made minor tweaks and improvements to a variety of NPC AI scripts
  • Fixed miscellaneous rare crash bugs

GuildWars on Linux ?

Added by DragonBe @ Monday, June 6 2005

Guild Wars played on LinuxYes, GuildWars can be played on Linux, using Cedega as your Windows Emulator. Wanna see how it looks like, check out the image here.


New holiday pictures online

Added by DragonBe @ Monday, June 6 2005

While traveling from Ascalon to Kryta, I've made some holiday pictures. Thanks to Picasa, I could collect 'm and publish them online. Go check them out on the Holiday Pictures page!


The start of TuxFighters Guild

Added by DragonBe @ Tuesday, May 24 2005

Today we start our own Guild, named TuxFighters. We carefully chose this name because we like playing together and we love Linux.

If you want to become a member of TuxFighters, send us your screenshot of GuildWars running in you Linux X11 Window manager and your nickname. After consolidation with the other Guild Members, we might make you a member of our guild.