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*Colours and markings of the border collie (pictures)*
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Fan van de Bordersberg is a black border collie. She has a lozenges spot, which
is a spot of colour on the head in the white blaze.

Blue Merle

Tjopp is a blue merle, with a large dilute spot on his side. Spots like
this are mostly slate coloured in blue merles, but can be any colour between the
darkest and lightest colour in the furr. Not all blue merles have these kind of spots.


Zuske the Rustling Rose is a blue border collie.
She has a blue nose and amber eyes.

Slate Merle

Karrider Chase the Light at Falconmoor is a slate merle border collie.
She has a blue nose and amber eyes.


Ginnylands Red Arrow is a liver border collie.
Because of that he has a brown nose and amber eyes.

Red/Chocolate Merle

Dakota of Maranns Home is a red merle border collie.


Briljant the Rustling Rose is a lilac border collie, note how much lighter the
nose and coat are compared to a liver border collie.

Lilac Merle


Edge Of Maranns Home is a liver sable.

Sable Merle


Yellow/Gold (ee red)

Illusion in Red from Borders Paradise is a dark ee red.


Arnpriors Flashman has tan in the traditional pattern.
He also has some slight ticking on his muzzle which follows the tan pattern.


Somollis Chap has tan in the creeping pattern.
You can see that his tan markings on his head form one large patch instead of the seperated
eye spots and cheek colouring. The tan on the legs goes up higher then in the traditional pattern.
Chap also has some minor ticking on his snout.


Luna Tale Cute has tan in the saddle pattern.
Because the colour goes up really high on the legs towards the back, the main colour forms a
saddle marking. Cute still has still some black colour left on the neck and head which
is common in saddle marked dogs.

Quantum Leap's Blue Ranger has tan in the saddle pattern.
He's a blue merle. This combination is considered more rare since it
doesn't show up that much as the black saddle colour. On Ranger's site you can see many
other photo's of this dog showing the evolution of this dog's colour from pup to adult.

Solid White


Ulka the Rustling Rose is a black piebald border collie with minor ticking.

Irish Spotting

White Trim



White Head Markings

1) Tri-colour masked dogs

Faolin shows a minimal mask. As the puppy picture shows, the tan develops with the age.

2) Dark mask

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