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About Me


I am a student at the University College Ghent. Currently studying professional Bachelor Applied Informatics. I have already learned a lot during my time taking this course. I learned the most from my last school project & internship. You can check them here: Projects.


I am currently working at Survey Anyplace as a front-end developer. Started there with my internship, was offered a job and accepted it. We are now stationed at iMinds in Ledeberg. At the moment we're planning to add new functionality and add some game gamification to the mix. I'm mostly writing on the front-end in HTML5 & javascript, but sometimes I have to make php changes in the API.


Who am I? I am Gunter Van Herrewegen. I'm 25 years old, born on 5th july 1989 and a proud belgian. I have 3 more brothers, all of which are older than me. I recently moved from Opwijk to Gent-dampoort, near the station. I like to play and be lazy. While I like to be lazy, when I'm tasked with an assignment I shall work until it's finished. I'm a guy that won't say no to a free beer. One day I plan to make a big game, but that day is not yet here.

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For more than a year now I've been working on the mobile application for this company. What I do is make sure that the application works on a wide range of mobile devices and desktop browsers. It's an ever growing application that needs to keep its speed & compatibility. The application allows you to take surveys or quizzes with the ability to swipe and several other great things. Click to view an example.

Project 1st year - Quoridor

This was a fun project. We had to make an existing game, Quoridor, into a digital game. First time doing a project, which was very informative. We learned to apply some design patterns. The program was made in Java, with an Microsoft Access Database. Unfortunately there was a lot of confusion around this project (between teammembers). It was most useful for the thinking about how something should be made, we learned that there are a large amount of ways to make one same thing. To make sure we correctly implemented the MVC design, we had to run the application both with UI and using command line.

Project 2nd year - Project Management Simulator

This was a strange project to do and not all that fun either. This assignment or request came from a professor of Economics. I remember this being really confusing the first few weeks. We had to automate a "game" that let students learn to make better management decisions. We created a Java application to use as interface to make it easier to view and handle this "game".

Classdiagram Project Management Simulator


Tel. - 052/35.48.58

Mobile - 0475/59.54.19

Koopvaardijlaan 18J
9000 Ghent


Web development

Over the year I have learned a lot about web development. Some of the most irritating things to encounter are:
  • Script Error - You don't get much more info than that when it hits the window.onerror event.
  • Async problems - These are annoying to fix.
  • Compatibility/support problems - These get annoying when you HAVE to fix one of these. Generally involves really "hacky" code.
  • Browser differences - With this I refer to for instance functions that are supported on all browsers, but on just about each browser it works different.
I can program in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript & PHP. I've worked with Yii & Zend framework. I also know a little bit about wordpress. Each day I learn new things and improve myself.


Learned this at school and found a hard time coding it. Not because I couldn't create the program, but because the programs had to be created in a certain way. With certain functions and design patterns.


Before I went for professional Bachelor Applied Informatics, I was in Howest studying for Digital arts & entertainment (DAE). Learning to make games. I learned quite a few design & drawing tricks.
While my knowledge is not too great of this, I do know a little how things go.