Elevator pitch

These are my three favorite areas of interest and consequently, of expertise in Information Technology:

  1. Data Modeling & database architecture
  2. Configuration support for sales force automation
  3. Configuration management

The first ten years of my carreer I devoted to the creation of databases and applications to capture, store and report on quality control data from the coating of film rolls for the medical division of Agfa-Gevaert. In fact I have created “Laboritory Information Management Systems” even before the time the LIMS concept became widely known.

Subsequently I got involved in the creation of tools to support the sales of complex products and solutions. In this domain I created the concepts to validate the technical compliance, compatibility and feasibility of proposals for new and updated networks for viewing, printing and storage of diagnostic images in hospitals. Taking also into account the business rules.

Because configuration management is an indispensible discipline in order to maintain such an environment, I have been thoroughly considering the discipline and advocating the deployment of it.

From all these efforts, I acquired a helicopter view of the complete business chain. From the first contact with the customer, throughout the supply chain and service department up to the moment that some product is disposed of at a customer site. That's exactly what CRM is about, I assume.

When possible I tried to save some time for my first ambition, data architecture and relational database design. 

To read in more detail about my professional occupations see the CV

Sure, there is more ...

Photography for one. Having left behind this powerful art form for too long, I am now taking up this track again. The aim is  to come to terms again with the evolution of the technology and the current trends in creative expression formats. To see some pictures go to my gallery. 

And cycling. Discovering the beautiful places following the smallest roads and cyclable tracks, as far away as possible from the infernal traffic. Feeling one with the environment and submerged by the landscapes, pushing the horizon always further ... meanwhile taking pictures from the experiences of harmony and other impressions.

My way...

Triangle of experience

Focuses of Interest

The fulcrum

Well considered, my mental focus seems to be driven by one desire: to capture (pieces of) the world . Either in diagrams, in databases or in pictures. Many of the disciplines that I follow have a common feature: interpration and framing.