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Competition Details

The Flanders Synchro Open is organised for the 27th time. Federations, Leagues and Club Teams which are member of the FINA are being invited.
First priority goes to the National Teams until 30th of June 2018.
Each delegation is allowed one routine of each category, i.e. to enter one solo, duet, combo and/or one team. The total number of swimmers entered by each country may not exceed 20 persons (24 if combo). The total number of delegations per country may not exceed 3 delegations.

The competition consists of two parts:

  1. Figures: FINA SSAG 3.1 Age group 12 and younger
  2. Routines: FINA SSAG 6: all enrolled routines compete
    • Solo: for 12 years old and younger:2 min - for 13 years old:2 min15
    • Duet: 2 min30
    • Combo: 3 min30
    • Team: 3 min

Competition Program

Monday 19th November 2018
Drawing of the Figures and communicated by email

Friday 23th November 2018
PM Official Opening
Training Session Figures

Saturday 24th November 2018
AM Competition Figures
PM Training Session and Competition Duet

Sunday 25th November 2018
AM Training session and Competition Soli
PM Training Session and competition Combo and Teams 
Awards Ceremony


LEN observer : Jenny Gray, Great Britain
Head Secretary : Guy De Geest
Head Referee : Marie-Martine De Geest
Judges provided by participating delegation: (compulsory) 1 (in case 1 to 4 swimmers) or 2 (in case 5 to 10 swimmers) Federation, League- and Club Teams officials (who are not in charge of the swimmers) - completed by VZF - KBZB officials.

Competition Pool

The event takes place at the Stedelijk Zwembad Magdalena, Sint Martens Latemlaan in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Length : 25m
Width : 15m
Depth : 10 m of the pool is 3m deep, the rest 1.8m to 1.2m deep


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