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Welcome to Kortrijk, a Belgian city in the Flanders, the Dutch speaking region of Belgium, the heart of Europe ! And European city of Sport 2018! 


Due to its geographical location and its incredible national and international communication network, Belgium is really the heart of Europe. As the crossing point of Europe, Belgium gathers European and non-European cultures. With their multicultural background, having Dutch, French and German as official languages, Belgians are born linguistics and love to meet other cultures. Belgium has a rich historical and artistic tradition. The historical cities are pictured with the most diverse architecture styles, from the Middle Ages to the Art Nouveau to Modern Architecture. And the collections from old Flemish Masters, Expressionists and modern Art are gathered in world famous museums. Belgium also plays a key political and strategic role. It is the harbour of the European Union, of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe and of the Northern -Atlantic Convention Organisation.
Belgium welcomes you from all over the world, in the heart of Europe.


Belgium became independant from the Netherlands in 1830 and was until 1970 one centralized country embedding nine Provinces and with an important role for the Cities. Through different state reforms (1970-2013), the Flemish, the Walloons, the Germans and Brussels obtained more political autonomy and Belgium became a federal state. From 1970 on the three Communities and three Regions rose. Each one having its Parliament and Governement next to the Federal ones. Flanders (Region and Community) has different political Departments. One of them is the Ministrie of Sports. The Minister of Sports Philippe Muyters and the Minister president Geert Bourgeois fulfill the auspices of the 26th Flanders Synchro Open. Further information on www.flanders.be
West-Vlaanderen The Flemish Community, Flanders, depicts 5 Provinces. "West Vlaanderen " being one of them. It is located as says its name at the West of Flanders, at the Northsea and bordering France.
The Province is an interface between the policies of the governmental levels: the provincial government is in between the Federal and the Flemish Authorities on the one hand, and the municipal Authorities on the other hand.
Culture in West Flanders is a treasure chest. Full of activities and initiatives. Cultural patrimony receives special attention. The Province takes care of the maintenance and restoration of a number of its monuments. Who is not familiar with the rich and valuable cultural patrimony of West Flemish towns such as Bruges and Ostend. But also Ypres. With from 2014 til 2018 a special attention to Flanders Field (WW1). Further information on www.west-vlaanderen.be


Kortrijk is located in the south part of West Vlaanderen. Kortrijk is the cultural, social and economic center of an agglomeration of more then 300.000 inhabitants. The city makes part of the Eurométropole Lille (FR) - Kortrijk (B) - Tournai (B).
Textile has always been important in the history of Kortrijk. Kortrijk was the world center for linnen Flanders Synchro Open until the second world war. Its river, the Leie, was called the Golden River, named after its various roles in the linnen industry. But the city has also known difficult periods in the past. The Cortracum of the Roman times became the battle field in 1302 of the "Gulden Sporen": the symbol of the emancipation of the Flanders.


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