English Speaking Patients

Participating English Speaking General Practitioners?

The English speaking general practitioners from Bocholt, Grote Brogel (incl. Erpekom) and Lozen, are: Marnix Avontroodt, Ben Janssen, Anita Joosten, Heidi Schuermans, Veerle Tessens, Marc Vanpoecke.
Why appointments?

To shorten the waiting time.
How to make an appointment?

- Via www.en.rdvous.be (this is the easiest way, you can make your appointment any time of the day or night, 7 days on 7, in WE, and is free)

- By phone call (not via SMS!!!): 

     * directly with your GP:
Veerle Tessens  089 46 48 11
Anita Joosten  089 47 21 39 
Ben Janssen
Heidi Schuermans
Marc Vanpoecke 
 089 44 90 80 
Marnix Avontroodt
 011 63 35 31 

     * other hours: via the same phone numbers: it is possible that the call is taken by a call centre.

- At the occasion of a previous consultation.


- we count on 10-15 minutes per patient. This is enough for a normal consultation.
- if you have a major problem: you may take 2 appointments at once.
- 2 patients = 2 appointments!
- AND be on time!

In case of an EMERGENCY contact your GP! 

If your own GP is not available: contact one of the other GP's from the HAGRO!

If you believe that a real true medical emergency exists, and you are unable to reach any of the GP's or the covering doctor immediately, don't waste valuable time. Instead, either dial 112 or immediately take the patient to the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital. (You should prepare for such an emergency in advance by finding out which hospital has an adequate Emergency Room service and which is the nearest).


On www.wachtdienst.tk you can see which GP is of duty for Bocholt - Grote Brogel - Erpekom - Lozen - Reppel. In the weekends the doctor who is of duty has free consultations at 10h00, 14h00 and 18u00. In case of an emergency this doctor can be called by phone any time of the day or night.

How to make an appointment via www.en.rdvous.be?

First time? Choose: "Registration of new user", fill out al the necessary data and press "Send". (If you don't have a SIS card, take for "National registry number": 123456 789 01.) Wait for a confirmation e-mail. Answer that e-mail. Now you can make appointments. See DEMO !

Once done this: go to www.en.rdvous.be and log in with your User Name and Password. => "Add a physician" => mark "39" in the field Postcode (leave the other fields as they are!) => press "search" => choose your "Favourite Physician" => press "Add". Then press "Appointment", write the name of the patient, choose your date and press on the desired time. 

Note: the date format is DD/MM/YYYY !!!

Tip: put www.hagro.be in your favourites!

If you have problems: mail at support@afspraken.be

The webmaster of www.en.rdvous.be never gifs nor sells his data to a third party. see (Dutch): https://www.mtc-it2.be/DISCLAIMER/Afspraken.html 


www.en.rdvous.be only works with Internet Explorer 5.0 ore higher, with Avant Browser and with Crazy Browser. Other browsers such as Netscape, Opera, Mozzila and MAC-OS are supported.
House Calls?

Why? When the patient can not go to the practice.

How? Just call your GP, if possible before 10h30.

In case of an EMERGENCY contact your GP! 

If your own GP is not available: contact one of the other GP's from the HAGRO!

For medical problems: contact your own GP!

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