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Nice shot of myself (by Evy Raes)Elevator pitch: Hans C. Arents is senior advisor e-government strategy & technology at the Flemish government, Belgium. He assists upper management, civil servants and IT staff inside the Flemish administration in making better use of advanced e-government solutions, helping them to execute innovative business process re-engineering that leads to improved (electronic) service delivery. He does this by identifying successful approaches and best practices in e-government and by co-ordinating the design, development & operational use of a number of generic e-government back-end services. More in particular he is the programme manager for the Magda platform, a set of shared services enabling the use of authentic data sources within the Flemish government.

Hans C. Arents

I hold a M.Sc. in Computer Sciences and a M.Sc. in Mathematics, both from the University of Gent. I've also followed a short Postgraduate in Business Administration at the Leuven Graduate School of Business Studies to sharpen my business skills.

I started my professional career as a researcher in hypertext and hypermedia systems, and was one of the first to use knowledge engineering techniques to extend the capabilities of these systems. During that time I was also involved in the development of some of the very first commercial knowledge-based hypermedia systems. I was almost present at the birth of the World-Wide Web and gave some of the very first presentations about the Web in Belgium, when the Internet revolution hadn't even begun.

In my business career, I was director projects & consultancy at OFFIS, a leading Belgian-Luxemburgian IT systems integrator (later bought by the Aubay Group), where I was involved in the development of some of the very first government intranets in Europe. Later I became director consulting services and senior IT market analyst at I.T. Works, a leading Belgian IT seminar organizer, where I was responsible for their IT consulting and training services, primarily in the field of XML and related open standards. During that period I also became one of the leading XML evangelists in the Benelux, trying to convince anybody who was willing to listen that XML was going to revolutionize the world of document management, data exchange and application integration.

In 2001, I joined the Ministry of Flanders (the civil service of Flanders, the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium), to help start-up the Cell Media-Innovation, a group of technical experts set up to support government actions and initiatives aimed at stimulating the development of an information society and a knowledge-based economy in Flanders. As a member of that group I also provided strategic IT & organisational advice to the Flemish e-government team. At the beginning of 2005, I joined the Co-ordination Cell Flemish E-government (the successor to the Flemish e-government team) as a senior advisor e-government strategy & technology.

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I live in Gent, Belgium, with my wife Claire, our two daughters Helena and Mireya, and our son Eckhart.


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