Business career: What I've written

Popularizing articles

During my business career I didn't get as much opportunity to write as during my research career (the scientific "publish or perish" pressure just doesn't exist anymore when you're working for a company). I've always enjoyed writing though, so instead of writing scientific articles and reports on hypertext and hypermedia research, I wrote more general, informative articles on hypertext and hypermedia. Later on in my business career, as I got recognized in the Benelux as a leading authority on XML and related standards, I was asked to write a series of in-depth articles on XML for the Dutch monthly "Database Magazine". In these articles I tried to cut through the hype surrounding XML, focussing on the true strengths of XML as a document/data management and application integration technology.

Newsletter contributions

During my entire business career, and up to the present day, I have also written regular contributions to popular Belgian Internet newsletters, targeted at either the general public or a business audience. By writing a full-page contribution almost every week, this allows me to stay up to date with the very latest trends and developments in the use of the (mobile) Internet, both for professional purposes and for more general entertainment purposes. Over the years I have become specialized in testing, evaluating and reviewing new Internet-enabled apps, programs and services.

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