Professional experience

I've had to pleasure to work with more programming languages and software tools than I care to remember, covering everything from conventional procedural programming to advanced object-oriented programming, including some pretty specialized A.I. programming languages. I've learnt through experience that you have to choose the language that fits the problem, and not the other way around. In the final years of my career as a professional programmer I've focused on Internet software design & development, using both commercial and open-source Web & XML tools.

Software experience acquired while working at the university, OFFIS, I.T. Works and in government

Systems administration & network management experience acquired while working at OFFIS

Professionally relevant activities

Since you can't possibly know or do everything all by yourself anymore, it's important to have an extensive network of professional contacts and friends. I was an active member of a number of professional organizations, particularly in the fields of Internet and XML. I also stayed in touch with the real needs of the end-users by writing regular contributions to popular Belgian Internet newsletters. I still write contributions to the Tips & Advies Internet newsletter.

Expert reviewer for the Telematics Applications Programme,
an Applied Research Programme of the European Commission (DG XIII C/E)

Founding member and hypertext/hypermedia expert of the SGML BeLux Users' group

Freelance writer for newsletters of popularizing articles about Internet technology

Founding member of the Information Servers Workgroup of BELNET (Belgian Science Policy Office)

Language skills

Although I am a mathematician at hart and a computer scientist by training, I do also seem to have quite a way with words. I enjoy writing (and reading) a lot, and given an interesting IT-related subject, I can whip up a lightweight and fun-to-read article, or a coherent and convincing document in no time. I can do this both in Dutch and English (but unfortunately not yet in French or German, although I will understand whatever it is they're talking about).

Evening courses French and English
intensive language courses advanced knowledge French and English
September 1986 - June 1987, Provinciaal Handels- en Taalinstituut Gent, Gent (Belgium)
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