13.02.07 | Southxtreemnoise - Italy
Oi, we've been confirmed for the Southxtreemnoise festival in Napels, Italy. We'll play on the 4th of August together with Dismember, Aborted, Avulsed, Cripple Bastards, Emeth, Thanatos and Horrid. If you are in the neighbourhood and up for some pancakes and coffee, pass by will ya!

18.01.07 | Time off
Gneg gneg, missed us? We did some shows at the end of 2006 and decided to take some rest now to focus on new songs and the search for a new label as well as to lay new elektricity in our kot. The coming months we'll stay in our cage so you better focus on the fucking motherfuckers of Welkin and Kruagre who finally release a new album which will be killer!!! Enjoy them for some months and then totally focus on the Headmeat-squad cause those new songs will surely tickle your ears ladies! Oh and maybe, maybe in August ... Naples ... Kissie kissie bang bang xxx.

09.10.06 | New stuff coming!
Arrrr, we will be replacing Bataklan at the local Skullfest this year, we'll do two more shows and then it's about time to make a lot of new songs. Relapse Recs asked us to release our second full-length, but we're not sure yet. That is a joke people, but it would be cool though. The search for a new label is on, meanwhile we'll be mostly eating youghurt and dreaming about your sister. Oh yeah, people with an idea for a new logo and a shirtdesign, please mail us will ya! Take care, hugs and kisses.

22.08.06 | The Lochtink, finally!
Hiya Boys and Gals! We played this weekend as support act of the allmighty Morbid Angel, which was a great expierience, kinda hectic but nice! Those Morbid Angel ventilators on stage were on during our show, they are really effective, we'll need to get some for ourselves as well! Thanks to everyone for supporting us! Next gig is in the capital of the renowned Meetjesland, check the gig page, dammit it'll be a huge fucking blast, with them Evil Ponys, Days of Betrayal and hell yeah, The Uptempo Blues Machines, back from the dead, back from Rieme! See ya then!

01.07.06 | Morbid Fucking Angel baby !
Wow, it has been quite a while, but yes yes we are proud to tell you that we will be supporting Morbid Angel together with Suhrim, Welkin and Thanatos, check the gigs section will ya, 19th of August that is. We are also currently working on some new material so be sure to check that out there in St-Lievens Houtem. Till then mofo's!

04.03.06 | "MSI" oergh !
Woops, long time no update, that's because we are men and we put time in making a myspace page (one thing at a time), check the links-page will ya! The reactions on the new album are all extremely positive untill now, so a deal with Roadrunner or Relapse will be inevitable *gnag gnag*. Oh yeah, we finally started to write new songs and they rock! See you soon lovely kids.

21.12.05 | "MSI" fucks you hard, until you're completely from the card !
Howdy! Sales of the new MSI are going wild, some interviews went in and the reviews are all extremely positive! We had a very fine mini-Meetjesland-tour, thank you all for showing up and for supporting the Uufflakke meatgrinding squad. More news and gigs soon! We all love you, yes we do!

08.11.05 | Mass Sociogenic Illness really OUT NOW!!
Finally we have our own copies of the new album, send your orders will ya, so we can get rich and sniff coke off hookers' asses. We also have girlies for them ladies, they cost 12 euro each and look hellanice. More news soon!

18.09.05 | Mass Sociogenic Illness OUT NOW!!
Hey fuckers! The new Headmeat cd 'Mass Sociogenic Illness' has arrived and is for sale! You can send your orders to us, it's only 12 euro (without shipping costs), you can't make it yourself for that money! Or order it at Red Stream. We are very glad with the final result!!! Meanwhile we are changing the website, making girlies and trying to set up a cd-presentation. Alright, see ya later folks, we have tons of work to do!

12.09.05 | New site online!
All for your discomfort ...

01.06.05 | Headmeat second in Deathmetal.be mp3-concours!
Iow iow! Headmeat is proud to announce you that we got second in the deathmetal.be mp3 concours!!! We now won a spot on their third compilation, thanks to everyone for voting! You can still check all 17 bands out at mp3concours.deathmetal.be.

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