Safe speed at sea

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The HeliFerry office
Luc De Keyser, long time infrastructure project developer in the ICT and biotech industry, has established the office to coordinate the temporary associations specifically formed for each HeliFerry project.
Temporary design associations
From a design point of view, the HF is a unique craft in that it requires an optimal blend from three different technical domains: high speed displacement hulls, large lift and propulsion fans, and surface effect aerofoils. Furthermore, the mission specifications for each customer request determine which of the three technologies will be the most taxing in the design. Therefore, each project requires a skill set for each of the three technologies but of different levels of expertise. In consequence, each design project requires a different temporary association.
Core design experts
Each of the core technologies originates and is supported at a tertiary level by the original inventors/developers. They determine the operational envelope of each of the technologies and are more heavily consulted in designs that require one of the technologies to be of critical performance. These expert groups are;
The group around Jay Carter, inventor of the fans.
The group around Nigel Irens, inventor of the ILAN hulls.
As there are a couple of different schools of thought as to the design of surface effect aerofoils, that group with the expertise that fits the design requirements best will be called upon.