Safe speed at sea

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Edwin van Opstal for the wonderful resource on WIGs and his constructive skepticism on the development of the HF <>
Jay Carter for putting the HF on the right track and his development of the lightweight lift and propulsion fan technology that make the HF possible. <>
Rod Anderson for his relentless coaching and positive networking.
Nigel Irens for his collaborative attitude and inspiring hull conformations. <>
Mark Fisher for kindly providing the X-Plane models (CCH-T and the Philips catamaran) and the excellent leads on using its features to enhance the realism of the HF. <>
Austin Meyer for providing a unique simulation environment and lending an ear to the aspirations to model ground and waves effect more accurately. <>
Chuck Beaty for patiently sharing his wealth of experience in the science and art of rotors of all kinds.
Craig Wall for hammering uncompromisingly on meticulous precision and discipline for safe experimental design and construction.
David Judson for keeping us connected to the other worlds out there.

Please note that the fact that these individuals are listed above does not imply in any way that they agree, or approve or endorse the concepts promulgated on this web site.