Safe speed at sea

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The single most important breakthrough of the particular design of the HF is safety.
Instant transition
First of all, the configuration of the HF eliminates the “twilight” zone between water and air, where any type of planing boat is at its most vulnerable: In the water, the trimaran configuration of the HF provides the most stable base for piercing the waves; at slow air speeds, the tilting lift fan has full control authority and heaves the HF over the waves in just an instant; and at cruising air speeds, the tail and ailerons keep the craft stable on its self generated air cushion.
Nimble height control
In addition, the lift fan provides a direct and nimble control of the air cushion thickness. This not only allows for selecting the most efficient height for cruising, given the particular sea state, but also retains the option, at any moment, to clear a sudden obstacle or to slow down at short notice.
Furthermore, the water tight compartments in the separate bodies that make up the HF make it virtually unsinkable.
Zero draught
In addition, as the vessel has zero draught during most of the trip it avoids any unexpected obstacle such as debris, reefs, rocks or aquatic animals on, or just below, the water line.
Storm evasion
With its unsurpassed speed the HF can more easily outrun or circumvent foul weather fronts.