Safe speed at sea

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From hull borne to aerofoil borne: After a short run in, the lift fan heaves the HF, clearing the hull swiftly above the waves. Then, freed from the drag of the water, the vessel rapidly accelerates to settle smoothly on the cushion of air caught between the aerofoil and the water surface. The vessel remains always under firm control, leaving the waves no chance to rock it about or to an fro. There is no protracted pounding of the waves, nor risk for porpoising.

From aerofoil borne to hull borne: The lift fan acts like a giant parachute to slow down the craft. While the forward speed has become insufficient to generate the air cushion necessary for lift, the lift fan takes over until it settles the vessel down smoothly on the water almost at a dead stop. There is no risk of porpoising, nor high speed slamming of the waves.