Safe speed at sea

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Length 118ft
Lift fan radius 150ft
Beam 70ft
Cruise speed
at sea state 3
(no cushion) 3 ft
(on cushion) 0 ft
Crew 6
Pax 100

The HF-100 is a near 100 pax development that shows the advantages of the HF configuration to the fullest. The ILAN hull configuration provides a stable base to pierce the waves op to 50 knots. Then the prerotated overhead lift fan heaves the HF-100 clear of the waves to allow the lateral propulsion fans to take the speed up to about 90 knots. From then on the lift from the air cushion built under the aerofoils unloads the overhead fan and allows it to slow down and drastically decrease drag. Soon the HF-100 cruises at 120 knots.

A marine gas turbine is mounted on top of the hull providing geared drives to the pair of lateral propulsion fans and, initially during prerotation, to the overhead lift fan

The airplane-like seating arrangement features a double deck of 2x2 reclining seats. Boarding would be through the rear door the lower half of which would be lowered and morph into a ramp, the upper half of which would be raised to provide head clearance.