aXiebal 2004

"aXiebal 2004 is a unique game. Now the graphics are pretty cool and the music really seems to accent it nicely enough, but what (to me) really makes this a non-typical game is that it is a really a matter of logic required to solve the game's various levels. This is one of those games that will keep even the non-gamer captivated."
From: Lockergnome Daily Newsletter Excerpt

Control a little ball in a strange world filled with dangers, try to collect all the flags and find your way to the exit. Fast and colorful animations, funny sound effects, nice music and good gameplay, that's what aXiebal 2004, a remake of our very first game, is all about!

"good graphics & music, highly addictive, and more! This is a terrific little game which stretches the gray matter to solve some of the puzzles. With its breezy music, great graphics and addictive gameplay aXiebal 2004 is worthwhile grabbing if you want to kill a few minutes, or even a few hours."
From: CFS Program Review

aXiebal 2004 is a game of skill and puzzles that will give you hours of fun. Play alone or with a friend, select one of many gametypes and difficulties, and roll the little ball through all 75 levels! aXiebal 2004, that's fun!

"Flotte Musik, schöne Animationen und tolle Soundeffekte machen das Spiel zum optimalen Zeitvertreib, egal ob für 5 Minuten oder 3 Stunden."

aXiebal 2004 is a remake of our very first game from 1994 (Aktie-Bal). It was completely created from scratch: new software, new graphics, new animations and new sound effects. And now there's even music! Fun, even for those who don't like videogames in general. Completely free!

Play aXiebal 2004 today! The game is completely free!

"aXiebal 2004 est un jeu unique. C'est un de ces jeux qui vous gardera captivé pendant des heures."
From: Les Trouvailles De Pierre

"Freunde von Knobel- und Geschicklichkeitsspielen bekommen mit Axiebal 2004 Spielvergnügen pur."
From: PC Welt

"Deze originele gameplay zal zelfs misschien een aantal niet-gamers kunnen verleiden want naast coole graphics en bijpassende muziek is vooral de aanwezigheid van enig logisch nadenken (...) een vereiste om het einde van elk level te halen."
From: Softjunkie

aXiebal 2004

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