Axiebal 7

The most recent episode in the Axiebal-series is still a mix of skill, puzzles and action, but that's about all it has in common with its predecessors.

This time you control the ball from a top-down-view. The (now scrolling) levels are bigger, the visual effects more spectacular and the soundeffects cooler!

Guide the little ball through the levels, avoid all the dangers and pull off some terrifying stunts to obtain all the flags!

It even contains a leveleditor, so if you want to, you can create your own levels or change the existing ones!

Play Axiebal 7 even today! The game is completely free!

Axiebal 7 (installer)

Click here to download the full version of Axiebal 7 (freeware).

Axiebal 7 (zip-file)

If you don't like installers, and you know how to handle zip-files, you can download the game as a zip-file here. Unzip this file in the folder of your choice, but make sure to keep the internal folderstructure intact.


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