All our games are completely free (freeware) en don't contain any spyware, adware, viruses, or other malware. Idee Software is our hobby and not a way to make a living. However, if you want you can donate some money to help us finance Idee Software.

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2015, august 25 New: Axiebal

Axiebal is a second remake of our very first game (Aktie-Bal)!

Click here for more information about Axiebal

2008, september 24 New: Axiebal 7

The most recent episode in the Axiebal-series looks rather different from the previous episodes. Axiebal 7 is a great skill-/puzzlegame. You really should try it! It's completely free!

Click here for more information about Axiebal 7

2008, may 5 We need you!

Idee Software is looking for enthusiasts to join us! It won't make you rich of course (we're giving everything away for free), but eternal fame (or something similar) is achievable: we're looking for volunteers! Can you draw, render, make music, create soundseffects or program? Do you have another talent we can use? Did you download a game from us (e.g. aXiebal), and did you think "I can do that too"? Or maybe even better? Or even "almost as good"? Don't hesitate, and contact us!

2008, april 23 aXiebal solutions

If you're looking for the solution of a puzzle from aXiebal 2004 or aXiebal Winter, you should head to YouTube. You can get the solution of every level (150 in total) there. Just enter (e.g.) "aXiebal level 21" in the search field to get the solution for level 21.

BTW, fans of aXiebal should keep an eye on our website. There's some great news coming!

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2007, april 1st Windows Vista

All our games are now compatible with Windows Vista, so you should be able to run them on both Windows Vista and Windows XP! Most games still run on Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows 2000 too!

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2007, march 5 New skin for LetterStrop

You can get the newest LetterStrop-skin for free now: LCD! Click here for more information about LetterStrop.

2006, november 16th LetterStrop

LetterStrop is a new and highly addictive game you can download for free! Click here for more information!

2006, august 7th New website

For the first time since many years we cleaned up our website. We got a bit sick of the old depressing black site. :-)

If you're looking for Zingamp or Lazarus, you should look here!

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