Joachim Claeys

(more info when available)

Heyaebs next gig will be on october 12, when Heyaeb performs in Beernem at Zwart Werk 2002, together with Po Nasemu, Massaker Staccato, Star Industry & A Split Second.

Heyaeb agreed to participate to the "Dark Demons"-sampler, released by Dark Entries Magazine in the near future. We'll offer a former unreleased live version of "Wander".

These days Joachim is mastering some other bands, like Bellator, Crossvaults and Foochow.

In the mean time, Heyaeb became a real band with live-musicians that assist on stage. In studio Heyaeb is working out their new album, called "Overkill" (expected for december 2002). For the write- and programmingwork we get assistance from Chronos and Sad Cba. The new album will sound more danceable and... TRANcY!!!

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