"La Bible", a series of 47 lithos by Abel Pann, an Israeli artist (1883-1963).

Abel Pann's magnum opus, The Five Books of Moses, was published in Jerusalem in 1930. It was initially intended to contain 100 original lithographs but Pann decided to publish the portfolio with 47 lithographs, probably with the idea of printing and publishing the remainder at a later date. In his foreword Abel Pann writes, "A son of the race which produced this marvellous Book, I feel that I, better than some others, may be able to seize its true spirit, and to communicate it to my fellow-men. But the absolute truth is with God alone. Mankind is ever subject to error. And so I entreat the indulgence of my judges."

The size of the edition for The Five Books of Moses is at present unknown, however, a French edition of the portfolio was printed at about the same time and issued under the title, La Bible. It was published in an edition of 600 with only the first 25 bearing hand-signed impressions. It is probable that the English edition was published in about the same numbers. Whatever the case, to now find another complete set of hand-signed impressions is exceedingly rare.

Text from "Art of the print"

Although this given publication of 1930 is not hand-signed by the author, each print is signed in the stone (below the image). Every lithograph is loosely housed in paper matting. On the outside of each protective cover there is a description in French of the print. Lithographs #45 and #46 are double page works of art and thus contain the vertical centrefold. The matted lithographs are housed within their original case, a leather case slightly damaged.

Hoewel onderstaande uitgave uit 1930 niet apart gehandtekend werd door de auteur, is iedere afbeelding wel in de steen getekend (onder de prent). Iedere litho zit los in een papieren beschermmap. Op de buitenkant van elke beschermende map staat een beschrijving van de bijgaande prent (in het Frans). Litho's #45 en #46 zijn kunstwerken in dubbele grootte en hebben dus een verticale vouw. De lithomappen worden in hun originele lederen boekkaft bewaard, het leder is licht beschadigd.

Bien que la publication donnée de 1930 n'est pas signé à la main par l'auteur, chaque tirage est signé dans la pierre (en dessous de l'image). Chaque lithographie est logé dans une farde en papier. A l'extérieur de chaque farde de protection, il est une description en français de l'impression. Lithographies # 45 et # 46 sont doubles pages et contiennent donc un plie centrale verticale. Les lithographies sont logés dans leur boîte d'origine, un étui en cuir légèrement endommagé.

The publication is manually numbered : CXIX (nr. 119)

De uitgave is manueel genummerd : CXIX (nr. 119)

La publication est numérotée manuellement : CXIX (nº. 119)

The publication is for sale (preferable as a whole).
Make me an offer and we can discuss. Only serious offers will be responded to.

De publicatie is te koop (liefst als geheel).
Doe een bod en we kunnen dit bespreken. Enkel een serieus bod wordt beantwoord.

La publication est à vendre (de préférence dans son ensemble).
Faites-moi une offre et nous pouvons discuter. Seules les offres sérieuses seront repondues.

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The book presentation

Introduction sheets

The lithographs and their respective legends

cover litho 01

litho 01

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litho 02

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litho 03

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litho 04

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litho 05

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litho 06

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litho 26

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litho 29

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litho 30

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litho 31

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litho 32

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litho 33

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litho 34

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litho 35

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litho 36

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litho 37

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cover litho 43

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cover litho 44

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cover litho 45

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cover litho 46

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cover litho 47
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