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Tourres and the surrounding area

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Tourres is avery tiny hamlet with 8 houses and 15 inhabitants. There are no shops nor services. The only traffic is some local traffic. In other words, everything is peace and quiet, still and calm. Children can play, run and bike freely, without any danger. From every corner of the hamlet you have a superb view on the vintages, the garrigue and the Cévennes.



Pompignan has 650 inhabitants and is the nearest village (3 km). Here you will find a bakery, a grocery, a Post Office and a bar. In Pompignan you can also play tennis or ride horseback. The local wine of the "cave coöperative" is fair, tasty and cheap. Better -but also more expensive- wines you will find in Domaine de Salle de Gour.

Salle de Gour



At 14 km of Tourres you will find the small town of Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort. Here you will find many cafés, terraces, restaurants, but also supermarkets. There is a small market on tuesday and a large one on friday. In Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort you will also find a Tourist Office, an open air swimming pool complex, banks, physicians, veterinarians, pharmacies, all kind of shops, tennis courts and several winegrowers.

Saint Hippolyte du Fort
Office de tourisme de Saint Hippolyte du Fort

Sauve, Quissac, Sommieres, Ganges, ...


These four cities are all comparable to Saint-Hippolyte-du-Fort and they are all located within a range of 30 km of Tourres. It's worth the effort to walk around in the medieval town of Sauve, built up against a rock. Lovers of southern markets should certainly visit the market of Ganges (friday).

Ville de Sauve
Ville de Quissac

Nîmes en Montpellier


Nîmes and Montpellier are two large cities at about 50 km. Here you will find commercial centres and hypermarkets. Also out of a touristical point of view these two cities are worth a visit. Admirers of Roman constructions will certainly visit "les arènes" and "la maison carrée" in Nîmes. A walk towards "the temple of Diana" in "le jardin de la Fontaine" is worth the effort.

Ville de Nîmes
Ville de Montpellier

Les Cévennes


The massif of the Cévennes with its Natural Parc is an overwhelming scenic area. The highest point is the Mont Aigoual (1567 m) with on top an observatory of "Météo France". Out of here you have a view on one fourth of France. The "Corniche des Cévennes" and "l'Abime de Bramabiau" are recommended.

Les Cévennes et son Parc National
Parc National des Cévennes



The Hérault river is nearby (25 km). The banks of the Hérault are very capricious: sometimes deep crevices, sometimes beaches and other times rocks. It is a popular bathing place for locals and tourists: you will find shallow areas with rapids, deep areas where you can swim or jump and plunge of the rocks, and nice beaches to sunbathe. In many places you can hire a canoe or kayak for an adventurous trip.

Gorges de l'Hérault: baignade et loisirs
Canoë Le Moulin

La Méditerranée


The Mediterranean sea is at 45 km. You will find some familial seaside resorts in e.g. Carnon and Palavas-les-Flots. La Grande Motte is more modern and fashionable, wheras Le Grau-du-Roi, Aigues-Mortes and Saintes Maries-de-la-mer are rather cultural and historical coastal towns.

La grande Motte

Other places of interest

Pont du Gard
La bambouseraie de Prafrance
Train à vapeur des Cévennes
La grotte des Demoiselles
Ville d'Alès
Les Salins du Midi
Le cirque de Navacelles
Les gorges de la Vis
Le musée du Désert
Le musée de la Soie de Saint Hippolyte du Fort
La Couvertoirade
Viaduc de Millau
La source Perrier à Vergèze

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