Who are we?


The specialised pet shop Hyacint is not only a shop where you can choose
from a wide range of animal feeds, but it is also a place where you can buy
the best handrased birds. As a breeder of amazons or macaws, Wilfried Van
Den Abbeele is known everywhere in Belgium and even in abroad.

This means that the quality is guaranteed! Thanks to many years of
experience, every breeder, whether starting or having some experience, can
come at any time to our breeding station for advice. We are glad in helping
you with good advice to give your hobby this extra.

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tue / wed / fri    : 10h - 12h / 13h30 - 18h30

thursday           : 13h30 - 18h30

sat / sun            : 10h - 17h


monday            : closed


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