Hey stranger,

Welcome to my site. A very long time ago I was playing with the idea of creating my own website. To have a private little place on the internet where i could leave pictures of myself, my friends, my family and everybody else I like behind. It would also give me a chance to say what i want, comment on what i've seen, where i've been and who I've met.
And ironically it's thanks to someone i've met not so long ago I started my little pet-project again... If you want you can always visit her site. I'll put it in the links section.
Thanks S. for inspiring me...
I know it doesn't look like very much yet, but I'll try to make some improvements along the way...

Grtz. Peter.

* 02/02/2005
First update. The Family section of my picture page has been updated. Go & have al look if you're interested ;)