Welcome to Juan’s World !

Feel free to regularly visit my website, as to follow my footsteps through life...

ˇ HOLA !

Or I should say Hello !

For I am a digital native.

And english is easy, also for all you digital immigrants out there.


Why do I call you digital immigrants ?

Because you all come from an analog world, whereas I was born directly into a fully digital world.

Still not clear ? Take a look below, my digital footprint is already bigger than yours...



Email: juaniboy1@telenet.be


Website: www.juaniboy.be


Facebook: juan iboy (look for my blue hat)

Twitter: juan_iboy

Skype: juan_iboy





Juan’s public digital footprint:

Juan’s private digital footprint:


I have 2 more email addresses that I will use to do things you shouldn’t be aware of…


I have a PayPal wallet with which I will buy stuff that you cannot even imagine yet...