Name:PVE Exch2007 Rerouter
Version: (released on 23 may 2008 22:08:18 ) 
Publisher:Peter Van Eeckhoutte
The following prerequisites are required:
  • .NET Framework 2.0

  • Windows Installer

  • Install/Run this application on a MS Exchange 2007 HUB/CAS server that has the Exchange Management Shell/Powershell installed
If these components are already installed, you can download (64bit) the installer now, or download (64bit) the update now.

Update notes :
1. Stop the application and the service prior to extracting the files !
2. Extract the files in the folder that contains the installed binaries (typically, this is c:\Program Files\Peter Van Eeckhoutte\PVE Exch2007 Rerouter\"
3. Start the service again

MD5 Checksums
You can download the md5 checksums from here
Download installer (64bit)
Download update (64bit)

- Fixed bug with date & timestamp in body of admin emails. Date was correct, time was set to 00:00:00
- Added feature "Maintenance Window". You can now prevent the tool from checking connection states during a maintenance window interval (one interval, can be enabled or disabled per day of the week)
- Added feature to send admin alerts via email
- Added new type of connection check : 'tcp connect'
- NOTE : This version includes a new dll, so you'll need to use the installer (and not the update)
You can backup & restore the configuration by saving all .cfg files from the Program Files folder and after removing the current version and installing the new version, you can put those files back.
- Added/Modified logging in event log (for improved verbose logging)
-Fixed some minor bugs
- Added check for updates feature
Note : this is still an early beta version. If you find bugs or if the application doesn't work as anticipated, or if you want more/other features, don't hesitate to contact me !
- First version made available on the internet

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